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May 9, 2018
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Curious Technology


Project: Curious Technology (Sound Analysis)

Date: Jan 2017 – Dec 2018

Location: Berlin, Germany

Client: Recruit Technology

WYE Services:
– Project Management
– Business Development
– Marketing
– Patent Writing + Filing

 THE WYE was retained to structure and form a limited liability company in Germany (GmbH) for a commercial project funded by Nikkei-listed Recruit Holdings (Recruit Technologies).

Leading the Japanese team through the process, paperwork, and peculiarities of setting up and doing business as a Deutschland company – THE WYE served triple duty juggling project management, business matters, and marketing.

From setting up company – office – employee infrastructure, integration support, legal filings – contracts, monthly bookkeeping with certified accountant(s) in two countries, communications to generating roadmap, developing business plan, creating deck(s) / 1 pager(s) / pitch presentation(s), community outreach, market placement plan, securing partnerships – THE WYE  successfully transitioned Recruit’s innovative tech initiative into a startup business.


THE WYE secured a partnership between Curious Technology (Recruit) and MHP (Porsche) resulting in a pilot case of Curious’ core Sound Analysis tech with Deutsche Bahn. A successful pairing and beta case, MHP Porsche offered Recruit opportunity for long-term bilaterial innovation collaboration.

With a new tech solution used straight away in high profile situ and proven effective – on request of Curious Technology, THE WYE successfully filed for a patent protecting intellectual property of the company’s engineers.

Beta cases and patent in hand, THE WYE then identified and applied to accelerators and incubators on behalf of Curious as a final step towards setting the young company on the track to independence.

THE WYE got Curious Technology into 4 of the 5 accelerator programs applied to – securing funding and a support network for the startup to take the next step into maturity.