Project: Five Dials / Berlin Issue

Client: Penguin Publishing

WYE Services:
– Logistics (Venue, Staff, 3rd Parties)
– Technology Services

– Launch of Literary Magazine Issue for approx. 100 guests

– Readings from published writers

Venue: THE WYE

THE WYE was retained by Penguin Publishing for managing the physical logistics of the launch of their Five Dials Special Issue dedicated to German-language writing.

Showcasing work by Peter Stamm, Jan Brandt, Thomas Pletzinger, Judith Schalansky and more, this very exciting one-off issue gave readers a translated glimpse of some beloved German-language writers. Writers Jan Brandt (author of Gegen die Welt), Joe Dunthorne (author of Submarine), and Katy Derbyshire (translator to upcoming German stars like Tilman Rammstedt and Simon Urban) gave readings at the event.