Project: AHEAD Magazine

Client: Red Onion GmbH

WYE Services:
– Project Concept, Planning
– Design, Implementation
– Branding / Marketing Strategy
– Procuring Talent & Content Development
– Logistics (Staff, 3rd Parties)
– Budgeting

– Quarterly 24 page, full color Magazine
– Distributed by the iconic German newspaper FAZ
– Powered by TEDx in select German cities

THE WYE was retained by Red Onion (license holders for TEDxBerlin, TEDx Munich, TEDxFrankfurt) to partner and produce a print magazine exploring the new areas where creativity, technology and innovation merge to produce the innovative new ideas that will change our world and define our future.
Powered by Red Onion and distributed by the iconic Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), one of Germany’s top newspapers, AHEAD Magazine is published quarterly in full color as a special insert akin to the inclusion of the New York Times Magazine in the Times’ Sunday edition.
The WYE is proud to have risen to the challenge of developing, designing and branding a highly visible publication representing a partnership between two esteemed companies – Red Onion and FAZ.
For AHEAD, The WYE developed the concept and brand identity – handling all aspects from securing the domains, to designing the logo, gathering the creative and editorial team, curating the content, obtaining photo partnerships and image rights.
Taking AHEAD from idea to production in less than 3 months, The WYE produced a standout publication in record time with content featuring some of the most prominent specialists in technology, education, and design across disciplines. Theorists, scientists, critics, and trendsetters have shared their insights with the diverse audience that AHEAD reaches – from TEDx’s innovation pioneers and the leaders of tomorrow to the broad, consistent readership drawn by FAZ’.
Through carefully curated content and strategic brand management  AHEAD has become a vehicle for TEDx and FAZ to reach new eyes in an authentic, engaging and fresh way.
Past highlighted features: Andrew Keen (Writer and Tech Critic, WIRED), Dr. Wolfgang Coy (Prof, Humboldt Univ), Natasha Vita-More (Leader, Transhumanist Movement, Entropy Institute), Aubrey de Grey (Ch Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation), Max Hollein (Director, Stäadel Museum Frankfurt).