Pitch: Sneaker Pointillism
One of only two pitches included in our portfolio because we think yet another unoriginal urban artist doing their best to be Keith Haring is silly.

Client: MoreTrax GmbH

WYE Services:
– Project Concept, Development, Planning
– Design (Concept Sketches)
– Branding / Marketing Strategy
– Budgeting

– Original urban public art for a major event sponsor 
– Contemporary brand placement
– Targeting new demographics
– Authentic use of product as art

THE WYE was asked by the Moretrax GmbH to create an original, public urban art project for an internationally renowned sneaker company taking on the primary sponsorship of the 2015 Berlin – Tokyo sister city event.

THE WYE developed the concept and plan for a memorable presentation of sneaker company X at the event highlighting the a unique line featuring footwear in 50 Pantone colors. Using the complete shoe as a novel material, THE WYE utilized this product line’s selling point – its color – for a unique art production-as-product-placement project.

Referencing a legacy of gorilla street art as reinterpreted through the art historical tradition of pointillism, THE WYE created a project where the 50 shades of the shoes were used as pixels to create an image, harnessing the dual references to draw in target demographics and elevate the concept and design.

Thanks to smart design and careful coordination  fabrication costs are kept to a minimum and  this visually stunning solution can be adapted to virtually any visual style or specific image.

While other brands have incorporated art in product placement, there has never been a unique work of art created by arranging shoes as the material.

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