Project: Creative Technology Conference

Client: Retune

Event Sponsors & Partners: SONICE Development, Github, La Red

WYE Services:
– Logistics (Venue, Staff, 3rd Parties)
– Technology Services

– 2 day private event for approx 300 ticket holders
– 2 venue halls, workshop rooms, reception area, lounge

RETUNE partnered with THE WYE to host their 2013 conference. An internationally established event in the field of New Media – RETUNE explores the forking and remixing of knowledge blending in traditional fields of Art and Tech – an effort akin to THE WYE’s own work.
Retune’s “Creative Technology Conference” attracts world recognized innovators (artists, scientists, designers, hackers, entrepreneurs) engaged in progressing their fields and questioning new ways of working, thinking, applying and communicating ideas in the digital age. A single-track conference, Retune’s program features workshops and talks to a limited number of participants.
For RETUNE, THE WYE managed the venue logistics, tech services, and supported event organizers in facilitating, implementing, and broadening their event.

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