Project: Wear Is Art

A WYE initiated project

Sponsors: nelou, Izaio Models, C-HEADs, Cool Outfit, STYLESREPORTBERLIN, Arts Thread, PIGS, Fier, WMAC druck, Dam Stuhltrager

WYE Services:
– Event & Program Concept, Planning, Implementation
– Project Management
– Partnerships and Community Outreach)
– Procuring Talent & Content Development
– Branding / Marketing / PR
– Logistics (Participants, Venues, Staff, 3rd Parties)
– Budgeting

– International Wearable Art Exhibition and Public Art Event
– Free for public to attend

THE WYE’s “WEAR IS ART” initiative presented original works exemplifying how fine art transcends white walls and gilded frames into a fashionable style. From a Flamenco dress of interactive LED lights to a modern Victorian ensemble topped with a soaring headdress of shot glasses to a gown comprised of over 15,000 rubber bands to a projected outfit – Wear Is Art includes new works that re-envision subject matter, mediums and styles of tomorrow’s visual culture.

Through an international call for submissions, THE WYE curated a selection of a dozen unique, contemporary, wearable art pieces by emerging and established talents.

From Classicism to Surrealism to Environmental Art, artists/designers the pieces in the exhibit each progressively stepped forward artistically from a specific art history movement.

Embodying the city of Berlin’s energetic meld of reinvention of style and form, WEAR IS ART was a platform for innovative ideas that add to the defining elements of the past.

The opening event was attended by over 850 people and the exhibit received a wide scope of press including:

HeavenandHell, Apr 17 Part 4
HeavenandHell, Apr 16 Part 3
Horst und Edeltraut, Apr 16
Sugarhigh, Apr 15
iHeartBerlin, Apr 15
HeavenandHell, Apr 14 Part 2
HeavenandHell, Apr 14 Part 1
Saga Furs, Apr 13
Fier Management, Apr 12
Edno, Apr 11
Fier Management, Apr 11
Art Review & Art Calendr, Apr 10
Styles Report Berlin, Nov 16 ’10
Cool Outfit, Nov 14 ’10
ARTS THREAD, Nov 5 ’10
Abitare Intl Design Mag, Nov 3 ’10
C-Heads, Nov 2 ’10
Modabot, Nov 2 ’10
OK Cool, Lesmads, Nov 2 ’10
PIGS Berlin, Nov 2 ’10

Margarita Mileva heard the “WEAR IS ART” Call For Entries and decided to create her increasingly infamous RB (Rubber Band) dress… Here are just some of the places that featured Margarita Mileva and WEAR IS ART…

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