May 31, 2013
July 30, 2013
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Project: Art Meets Tech

AMT Theme: Bootstrapping :: DIY

Partner: XYO

WYE Services:
– Project Concept, Planning, Implementation
– Creating Event Text, Invite and Catalogue
– Curating and Inviting VIP Guests
– Venue Logostics 

– Private event to discuss the experiences – both positive and negative – of raising capitol to build a company from the ground up
– 35 Invited, 30 Attendees

To bridge divisions between those reimagining the Art and Tech industries in Berlin in parallel to each other – Art Meets Tech explores the funding models of building from the ground up in each industry.
Comparing, contrasting and sharing DIY or Bootstrapping strategies of taking an idea to fruition – and rethinking the bumps along the way which make one stronger – AMT brings 30 success stories together to learn from the diverse experiences of those sitting nearby who tackled similar struggles in building something from nothing.
ART MEETS TECH (AMT) is an initiative by THE WYE to bring Art, Design and Technology leaders together that wouldn’t otherwise interact to discuss practices, experiences, possibilities in a candid, informal, private setting.
The “first and only event of its kind” in Berlin, AMT is curated in concept and invitee list, with each event revolving around its own topic – connecting industry leaders across different industries who remain united in a drive for innovation. No invited guest is ever asked to pay for anything, as AMT’s integrity is upheld through the invitation of those who have earned the right to be part of a meaningful conversation and not by entertaining those who have merely paid to be heard.
A curated summit (of sorts) for those who have raised the industry bar through hard work and a unique perspective, AMT explores the area overlapping between innovation in the creative and technology industries internationally.