Project: Lexus Hybrid Public Artwork

Client: Lexus

WYE Services:
– Development, Project Management and Delivery of Art Tech Installation
– Branding / Marketing / PR
– Budgeting

– Commission of artwork for Lexus Hybrid


The world’s leading brands come to THE WYE to produce their high profile projects. One example is the commission of Ryan Wolfe’s “Lit From Within” for auto industry leader Lexus’ Hybrid Art Platform in 2012 at Moscow’s esteemed venue Artplay.

In conjunction with unveiling the Lexus Hybrid, the forward-thinking car company commissioned THE WYE to secure, project manage and deliver a large installation of “Lit From Within” by international new media superstar Ryan Wolfe.

In “Lit”, plants thrive in a sunless room using light emanating from within their own living tissue. Clusters of Equisetum Hyemale (Common Horsetail) are surgically embedded with LEDs that radiate the equivalent of internal sunshine, enabling photosynthesis in darkness. Sunrise and sunset programmatically occur from within each plant, allowing viewers to navigate a field of organisms flourishing from the power of their own internal sun cycle. The technological and biological merge to create a unique hybrid living system which inverts the fundamental biological relationship between inside and outside.

The art installation was specifically selected for debuting Lexus Hybrid, a product that just as much as THE WYE stands for innovation.

Back in 2005, Lexus was the first premium car maker that offered a hybrid drive system which combined gasoline and electric motors for increased power. The company continued to innovate in the hybrid engine space making the company a perfect pairing for Wolfe’s hybrid living system as each reflect pioneering concepts of Tech & Design.

Ryan Wolfe’s “Lit” commissioned for Lexus was international news, featured in over 25 features including RT, Autonews, Elle, Maxim, Art Investment, Russia Gazette, Carmag, Art Electronnic, Metro News and GQ.